I am so sorry that I have not written my blog for at least a month, first I was really busy and did not have time to write, and then WordPress redid their website so I could not figure out how to write, I was finally able to figure it out tonight. Here is a quick update on a club I just joined. Here it is! A few weeks ago I joined the Kennedy Cougar VolleyBall club. It is so much fun to play on a volleyball team and I try to encourage you all to play on a volleyball team because it is so much fun! Ok so today I went to a volleyball clinic for scorekeeping and reffing,  I felt like I was sort of working!  Later I got a T-Shirt,sweat shirt, and some sweat pants that have my name and number on it. I will get my uniform in a few days. Once we start games I know it will be a lot of hard work, but it will pay off once I get older because I will know how to play the game.  My next blog will be about the movie “Marley and Me” I saw it tonight and have a lot to tell you .  Happy New Year, I hope you like my post.