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For the past couple of weeks I have been working on a project for school researching the state of Maine. I learned that Maine has lots of moose, they grow blueberries, and a lot of lobster comes from there.  I also learned that they make toothpicks there.   I made a float to take to school and I made it in the shape of the state.  My dad cut the piece of wood out for me and I sanded and painted it.  Then I glued many of the products you might find in Maine to my float. An interesting fact I learned about is that Maine is the lobster capital of the world. I really liked learning about Maine and think it is a really cool state. 


Today, April 24th is Take Your Kid to Work Day and I got to spend the day with my dad at his work.  I had to get up early and be ready to leave the house at 7 AM just like my dad.  My dad is a salesman for Clancey Company.    We drove to Dubuque to John Deere where I watched my dad in a meeting.  I thought it was fun to see how a meeting worked.  After the meeting was over, we went to Happy Joe’s in Dubuque.  It was a very old Happy Joe’s and you could hardly see the walls because of all the pictures.  After grabbing an ice cream cone we headed home to my dad’s office.  When we got there my dad did all of his work and I watched.  I really enjoyed Bring Your Kid To Work Day and I hope to go with my dad again next year.  


We took the train from New Tork to Philadelphia today.  My Dad has a great friend, Don, who owns Accent Limousine.  He picked us up and showed us the great city of Philadelphia.  Our first stop was the most important to my Mom & Dad – cheesesteaks at Geno’s.  I tried one “whiz without” and it was pretty good.  We passed through the Italian Market area on our way to the historic district.   

Don suggested we take a carriage ride through the old city.  Our guide was Jim and our horse was a black one named Micky.  We saw Independence Hall, lots of neat old houses and every place Ben Franklin ever did anything. 

After our carriage ride, we looked at the Liberty Bell and worked our way over to the Constitution Center Museum. That was are day it was fun!

New York – Day 4

Today I went to Scholastic News and then NBC. First we got on the subway that went to Scholastic but we got on the wrong subway (we hadn’t learned the difference between an Express train and a Local).  The people a Scholastic were so nice.  It was neat to see their offices and how they work.  The offices had pictures and stuffed animals of the Scholastic chracters everywhere.  Scholastic is the publisher for Harry Potter, Clifford the Big Red Dog and many others.  On the ground floor they have an amazing bookstore with all of their titles.  Best of all was a large dinosaur reading a book.  My brother and I posed for pictures on it.  Learn more about Scholastic at

After Scholastic, we head to Rockefeller Center for our visit to NBC News.  What a fantastic place Rockefeller Center is.  Very nice buildings with lots of art everywhere.  We had a VIP tour of NBC that Scholastic arranged for me.  I got to sit in the chair that Brian Williams delivers the NBC Nightly News from and we met his cameraman Carl.  We saw the sets of Saturday Night Live and Late Night with Conan O’Brien.  Best of all was visiting the set of the Today Show and looking out the windows at Rockefeller Center and sitting in the famous chairs on the set.  A special thank to Kim for showing us around and giving my family NBC News hats.  To learn more about NBC visit

One of the coolest things I did – I mean coolest as in cold – was ice skating at Rockefeller Center.  I’ve attached a picture of that for you.  My brother and dad did not want to skate, so they went to the Top of the Rock – 70 stories up. 

We finished the day with another trip to FAO Schwarz as it was closing the last time we visited.  It was cool and they had many unusual toys, but what are you going to do with a giant stuffed three headed dog from the Harry Potter books?  While we waited for our table at Carmine’s in the theater district, my dad, brother and I walked over to Toys R Us and rode the Ferris Wheel.  It was a pretty slow and boring ride but still fun when my dad wasn’t rocking the car. 

New York was great and I want to go back.  Off to Philadelphia in the morning.

At Scholastic Headquarters


New York, Day 3

First today I went to the American Museum of Natural History. It was the same place they shot scenes from the movie Night Of The Museum but it looked very different.  After that we walked to Central Park, where we found a cool playground.   There was a marble slide that was really fast.  We walked a few blocks to get to my dad’s cousin’s apartment but he wasn’t there yet.  We walked around looking for good places to eat and a place to buy webkinz (a stuffed animal you can play online).  We didn’t find any webkinz but we did find a good place to eat.  When we got to my dad’s cousin’s apartment he gave us a tour.  It was a really cool house!  My grandparents went to dinner with my dad’s cousin, but me and my family went to a resturent called Luke’s.  My meal was very good but expensive.  We tried to get a T-Shirt for my cousin, Luke, but they didn’t have his size.  On our way back to the hotel, I found a store that sold Webkinz.  I got a Kangaroo and my brother got this animal from webkinz called a Zingoz, but we found out that it didn’t work as a webkinz it just gave you special prizes.  Today was a really fun day and you can see pictures of it below.

Central Park Boathouse

Easter Island Head

AMNH T-rex

Alice In Wonderland Statue

New York, Day 2

Today was my second day in New York. First we ate breakfast at our hotel after that we headed down to Times Square.  We went to Toys R’ Us and it was so big.  There is a giant Ferris wheel inside the store.  After a quick lunch at McDonalds, we went to see the Lion King on Broadway.  What a show!  My favorite part was when the people were hanging in the air during the scene when Nala and Simba were reuniting.  My favorite animal character was the elephant. After Broadway we went to the Hershey and M&M stores in Times Square.  We walked to Central Park and found a playground.  There were big rocks that you could climb on.  I got a snow cone from a vendor in the park.  I had to stand outside with  my snowcone when we visited The Plaza Hotel.  My mom held it for me and I went in with my dad.  It was very fancy.  We crossed the street to FAO Schwarz which is one of the oldest and most famous toy stores in New York.  There were giant stuffed animals, and lots of legos.  We tried to take a cab to dinner, but couldn’t get one.  So, we stopped at Angelo’s Coal Fired Pizza for dinner.  It was delicious.  After three trains rides, we are back at the hotel so that I can write this blog.  More to come tomorrow.

Lion King

Rock Climbing NY Style

Hershey’s Store

New York, Day 1

Wow, what a day! Today was my first day in New York. First we went to the Cedar Rapids airport at 5:10am.  Our plane was to leave at 6:20am, but then it was delayed until 6:45 so we had to wait a while. When we landed in the Detroit airport we walked through a neat underground tunnel with weird music and cool flashing lights.  Then we got on a train to travel to the section of the airport where our next flight was going to take off.  We met my grandparents to board the flight to New York.  This time our plane ride was a little bumpy.  We landed in New York at about 12:00. We went to get our bags but the luggage carousel was jammed. After a half hour delay, we got our luggage and headed for the train station.  Our hotel room was small, so we upgraded to a bigger room.  It had a nice table where we could all eat and talk.  We took the train into the city and my dad’s cousin Tim had a van and took us on a driving tour around New York City.  I was so tired from travelling, that I fell asleep in the van – so did my little brother.  After that we went back to the hotel and had appetizers and went to bed. I’m looking forward to a great day tomorrow.  Can’t wait to share it with you.I love New York!

My Big Trip!

Today I am getting ready for my big trip! First I am going to New York, second I am going to Philadelphia, and last I am going to Washington D.C.! I will be updating my blog every day starting tomorrow through April 6th. Some of the cool places I get to go include The White House,DC, Scholastic, NY, The Liberty Bell,PA, The Capital,DC, NBC News,NY, The Lion King on Broadway, NY, and more. So please try to read my blog and feel free to give comments or ideas for places to see.    


Broderick family!

Today I got an E-mail from a reader saying they have an idea for what we could do to give back. It’s about a family who’s husband/father just died. They are having a benefit for the family on April 12th at the Palo Community Center. There will be a chili dinner and a silent auction . There will also be live music that grandparents might like because Darryl Broderick was a great piano player for the church the reader goes to. They also made a DVD of some of his performances and it will be for sale.  I hope you go to the benefit I know I will and it is a great cause. See you there!

Let’s Give Back!

I just got done watching Oprah’s Big Give and it made me think about helping people in Iowa. I want to get a group together and come up with some ideas and places we could give to. I was thinking of naming it Iowan’s Give Back or something like that. I would like to hear from you if you have any ideas. I have one place in mind that I would like to help and it is called The Henry Davidson Youth Center.  My Adventure Guides circle, my dad and I went and served food there last year. Please if you have any ideas for this respond to my blog. Have a Happy St. Patrick’s day!