My name is Sydney Rieckhoff and I am a 11 year old kid reporter. I’m in 6th grade , and I go to Franklin Middle School. I have a mom, Robyn, a dad, Bill, a little brother, Carter, and a dog, named Lizzie (who is a standard poodle). I love snow skiing and water skiing. I have a cabin in Minnesota where I spend a lot of my summer. My cousin, Shelby, comes over about every weekend. My other cousins are Drake,16,Luke,14,Shelby,12,Katie,8, and my littlest cousin Jack,6.  We all spend a lot of time together. I’m a kid reporter for Scholastic News and have covered most of the Presidential election.   I have been lucky enough to meet and interview Hillary Clinton, Fred Thompson, Mitt Romney, Rudy Guillani, Barack Obama, and John Edwards.  I’ve also met Elizabeth Edwards, Bill Clinton, Chelsea Clinton, actor Kevin Bacon, Merideth Viera, Taylor Swift and a lot more cool people. My grandpa owns a vegetable market on Highway 30 west.  It is called Morgan Creek Market and I work there a lot.  I pick vegetables and run the cash register.Thats a little bit about me hope you read my blog! Keep checking it out on  It should be really cool!