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Happy Halloween!

Hi guys,

Hope you have a great Halloween! I’m heading to Des Moines tomorrow to see Barack Obama.  I’m going to report for Scholastic and I hope to get up close. Next Wednesday, on election day, my school is having a school election and my class is in charge of it, so I will also write about that. Hope you have a great Trick or Treat!  I’ll let you know how the Barack Obama event goes.




Especially For You Walk For Cancer

It was crowded and hard to walk through the huge group of citizens ready to walk for breast cancer. There were many people from Cedar Rapids and people from as far away as Australia. The youngest person in the walk was three months old while the oldest person in the heroic walk was nighty-six. But the real point of this walk was to support a cure for breast cancer and that’s why more than 10,000 people walked. The victims who had survived breast cancer, just like my grandma, wore pink bandannas. I thought this was so cool to see all those people get up so early in the morning to help support a cure for this disease, it really shows how much people care. A few years ago two Mercy employees worked to start a quilt made out of the past “Especially For You,” shirts, they still haven’t finished but I bet that in a few years that quilt will just be one more thing to help support the fight to cure breast cancer. Did you know that only a couple of years ago only women could walk or run in the” Especially For You” walk.  Now men and women can walk together to help support these people in need. There are so many teams to join for next year, I hope to see ya there, Sydney!