Sydney Job Shadowing Beth Malicki, Anchor, KCRG TV9 News

Sydney job shadowing Beth Malicki, Anchor, KCRG TV9 News



Friday was my big day not just because I interviewed Taylor Swift, I also got to job shadow Beth Malicki the anchor lady at KCRG TV-9.  I won my job shadow because I wrote a paper for the KCRG Summer Writing Contest.  I wrote my paper about what I want to be when I grow up, a reporter.  I was picked as one of the nine winners and I won prizes, including tickets to Adventureland and the best prize of all, my day at KCRG.



Beth Malicki was really nice, super fun and I learned a lot.  I got to attend a meeting with all the people that work at KCRG and we went over what would happen on the news that night.  I got to watch Beth put her make up on and get ready for the news.  We talked about how she gets ready for the news each day and I also got to meet lots of people.  Karen Ultis is the marketing lady at KCRG and she took me on a station tour and I got to watch the news from up in the control room and then I got to watch part of it in the studio.  I really liked Karen and she is good at her job, Beth is great at her job too!  

I was really lucky to be picked as one of the winners.  We get to be in a commercial so make sure you watch for me on channel 9.  I really enjoyed going to KCRG and hope to work there in a few years.  I will be putting pictures on here as soon as I get my camera fixed.