Four days ago was my 10th birthday. A bunch of my cousins were up with me at my cabin, in Minnesota, where I am now, but they left yesterday, so I really haven’t had time to blog. While my cousins were up here we went fishing, and boating a lot. Me and my cousin Shelby each caught a huge fish mine was a 17in Walleye, and Shelby’s was a 16in small mouth bass. The water skiers in the family are me, my mom, and my cousins, Sam and Shelby. Even though all these things were fun the best day of all was…


                                      My Birthday.


First we started off the day with a pancake breakfast and picking up my cake(it was delicious). After that I opened some of my presents and then we decorated my boat for my lake’s boat parade. The boat parade lasted about two hours, but that wasn’t all. After opening the rest of my presents my parents set off a few fireworks and we did some sparklers. We swam a while until it was 7:24 and then let off a big firework because I was officially 10. We went to a firework show after that it was big. I’m really glad that I am 10.


Have a great week.