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Election Day!

Today is the big day.  The popular votes are in and we will see who wins.  Don’t worry I’m still going to report about stuff locally and I will right a blog later after we see who wins the electoral vote.  I went to the polls today with my parents and saw what voting is really like and I’ll say this I can’t wait until I’m 18! My school also had our Election today with Obama winning.  McCain had 94 votes and Obama had 200 and something votes. KCRG-TV9, KGAN channel 2, and KWWL channel 7 were all at my school’s Election. I wonder who will win.  Well I won’t know unless I go watch.  Have a great Election Day and I hope you’re watching to see who wins too!


Happy Halloween!

Hi guys,

Hope you have a great Halloween! I’m heading to Des Moines tomorrow to see Barack Obama.  I’m going to report for Scholastic and I hope to get up close. Next Wednesday, on election day, my school is having a school election and my class is in charge of it, so I will also write about that. Hope you have a great Trick or Treat!  I’ll let you know how the Barack Obama event goes.



Especially For You Walk For Cancer

It was crowded and hard to walk through the huge group of citizens ready to walk for breast cancer. There were many people from Cedar Rapids and people from as far away as Australia. The youngest person in the walk was three months old while the oldest person in the heroic walk was nighty-six. But the real point of this walk was to support a cure for breast cancer and that’s why more than 10,000 people walked. The victims who had survived breast cancer, just like my grandma, wore pink bandannas. I thought this was so cool to see all those people get up so early in the morning to help support a cure for this disease, it really shows how much people care. A few years ago two Mercy employees worked to start a quilt made out of the past “Especially For You,” shirts, they still haven’t finished but I bet that in a few years that quilt will just be one more thing to help support the fight to cure breast cancer. Did you know that only a couple of years ago only women could walk or run in the” Especially For You” walk.  Now men and women can walk together to help support these people in need. There are so many teams to join for next year, I hope to see ya there, Sydney!

Watch for me!

I was one of the winners of the KCRG TV-9  summer writing contest and they made a commercial showing my day with Beth Malacki the TV Anchor.  Be sure to watch for the commercial because they are going to run it for the next few months.

School is going well and I like my new teacher, Mrs. Grimm.  I’m working on some new interviews for my job as a scholastic news reporter.  I hope to get to interview John McCain before the election.  I was lucky enough to meet Barack Obama last winter in Waterloo.  I got to ask him a couple of questions and get my picture with him.  Hope you watch for me.

Thanks, Sydney


Sydney Job Shadowing Beth Malicki, Anchor, KCRG TV9 News

Sydney job shadowing Beth Malicki, Anchor, KCRG TV9 News



Friday was my big day not just because I interviewed Taylor Swift, I also got to job shadow Beth Malicki the anchor lady at KCRG TV-9.  I won my job shadow because I wrote a paper for the KCRG Summer Writing Contest.  I wrote my paper about what I want to be when I grow up, a reporter.  I was picked as one of the nine winners and I won prizes, including tickets to Adventureland and the best prize of all, my day at KCRG.



Beth Malicki was really nice, super fun and I learned a lot.  I got to attend a meeting with all the people that work at KCRG and we went over what would happen on the news that night.  I got to watch Beth put her make up on and get ready for the news.  We talked about how she gets ready for the news each day and I also got to meet lots of people.  Karen Ultis is the marketing lady at KCRG and she took me on a station tour and I got to watch the news from up in the control room and then I got to watch part of it in the studio.  I really liked Karen and she is good at her job, Beth is great at her job too!  

I was really lucky to be picked as one of the winners.  We get to be in a commercial so make sure you watch for me on channel 9.  I really enjoyed going to KCRG and hope to work there in a few years.  I will be putting pictures on here as soon as I get my camera fixed.



Sydney with Taylor Swift on her Tour Bus 8-8-08

Sydney with Taylor Swift on her Tour Bus 8-8-08

Yesterday, I got a chance to do something really fun, interview Taylor Swift, the country music star. I’ve been working on getting this interview for over six months.  My mom and I got to go on her tour bus and talk with her for about 15 minutes.  Her bus was so cool it even had a fire place.  Taylor was really nice and she was fun too.  Her mom was really friendly too.  After interviewing Taylor, I went to her concert. The opening bands name was called Love and Theft, they were good.   By the end of the concert Taylor Swift had sang two new songs, gotten roses, and donated $100,000.00 to Cedar Rapids for the flood.  She dedicated her song “Change”  to Cedar Rapids. Oh and did I mention I was watching everything from front row seats.  Since I had front row seats I caught four guitar picks, I gave three of them to people behind me and one I kept for myself, and I also caught her bracelet.   I can easily say that, that was the best concert ever.



My Birthday!

Four days ago was my 10th birthday. A bunch of my cousins were up with me at my cabin, in Minnesota, where I am now, but they left yesterday, so I really haven’t had time to blog. While my cousins were up here we went fishing, and boating a lot. Me and my cousin Shelby each caught a huge fish mine was a 17in Walleye, and Shelby’s was a 16in small mouth bass. The water skiers in the family are me, my mom, and my cousins, Sam and Shelby. Even though all these things were fun the best day of all was…


                                      My Birthday.


First we started off the day with a pancake breakfast and picking up my cake(it was delicious). After that I opened some of my presents and then we decorated my boat for my lake’s boat parade. The boat parade lasted about two hours, but that wasn’t all. After opening the rest of my presents my parents set off a few fireworks and we did some sparklers. We swam a while until it was 7:24 and then let off a big firework because I was officially 10. We went to a firework show after that it was big. I’m really glad that I am 10.


Have a great week.



Today, I am going to my cabin in Minnesota. We are going to fish, swim (We hope), and do lots of other cool stuff, but before we do all that fun stuff we have to drive 7 hours to get there. It’s not that bad because we are stopping half way to see my grandma and grandpa in Minneapolis, MN.  My cousin, Katie, My Mom, My Dad, My brother, and me are all going up North to my cabin.  I think it would be fun to hear some of your Minnesota stories.  If you have something fun or a memory of a vacation up North, please send it to me.  Have a great holiday weekend.


Live Strong Jack

Saturday night I went to a benefit for a kid named Jack Hoeger.  Jack is a first grader at my school and he is recovering from brain cancer. The benefit was to raise money for Relay For Life, or cancer. The theme of the benefit was a Hawaiian luau. They had raffles for prizes donated to them by different people and businesses.  It was a really fun party and it helped raise money for cancer. Jack has a video on You Tube that won a contest. Please watch his video on You Tube and help fight cancer.  You may find Jack’s video on You Tube by typing livestrong Jack or get to know Jack.  I hope to interview Jack sometime soon and write a story about him.